Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti is presently working in 120 villages of Wardha District of Maharashtra, especially in terms of watershed harvesting and rural enterprises. Through Watershed Management and Development project water is brought to ten arid villages by recharging their groundwater aquifer and rejuvenating the natural resource base through implementation of appropriate rainwater harvesting technologies. Now, there is water in every home and every field, whereas previously there was none. This intervention has also helped mobilize 2000 farmers to do natural farming, saving a total of Two Crore rupees annually on chemical fertilizers, resulting in an increase of 25 to 50 percent in the crop yield.
MSS has formed 600 women Self Help Groups (SHGs) with more than 10,000 women members and has set up 34 rural micro-enterprises that provide subsidiary employment to 1000 rural women. The institution’s vision is to empower the people of rural India through the micro-enterprise route to create sustainable livelihoods by converting technologies into trades and processes into professions.

  “Watershed Project provided us water for both drinking and irrigation purposes, whereas there was none prior to the project”

  – Sheikh Israil, Village Sakhar Bawli

  “I am running my own shop and am self-sufficient, thanks to Magan Sangrahalaya”

– Neelima Bajhore, Village Girad

  “With institution’s assistance, I am planning to get an educational loan of 2.5 Lakh rupees from SBI for an animation course in Hyderabad that my son is keen on, since I am running my utensil shop independently and am earning enough money to take care of my family.”  – Rekha Rohankar, Village Girad

  “We are not forced to go out anymore to answer nature’s call in the dark since we now own a toilet that is right inside our house, that too with an attached bathroom”

– Sudhakar Madhav Rao, Village Bhawanpur

  “This rural sanitation drive has brought a big difference in the life of my whole family as we, especially the womenfolk of the household, do not have to go out in all kinds of weathers, especially during the monsoons”  – Narain Rao Satpute, Bhawanpur Village

  “I own 100 acres of farmland and am saving four lakh rupees annually by not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, after switching over to natural farming, thanks to the mass awareness created by MSS volunteers”

– Ravi Kiran Telrandhe , Village Arvi

  “My crop yield has doubled in just one year of natural farming since I have stopped using chemical farm inputs since last one year, thanks to the Watershed Project run by Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti”

– Haish Chandna, Village Arvi