Wardha Wardhan

A week long annual fair is organized by the institute where NGOs, activist groups, farmers, artisans and artists display, demonstrate, and sell their products. It also provides a platform for all these groups to interact with each other.

For general public, it gives an opportunity to know about alternative living, eco-friendly products, ideas and methods to conserve nature and meet people who have pioneered to evolve new alternatives. Here, the people are exposed to alternative products and processes such as organic food; alternative fuel; alternative sources of energy, alternative to multinational products, alternatives to chemical products; herbal medicines as alternative to allopathic drugs etc. It include a culture which emphasizes the use of natural products, their beneficial proprieties vis-à-vis chemical based products.

It serves as a market for ecologically sound products where competition and commercialism is replaced by common sense and compassion.

In the years 2004 and 2005, CAPART assisted the institution to organize Gram Shree Mela where 150 organizations from 22 states participated. Around 70,000 people from Wardha and surrounding villages also visited this exposition.